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Who Is Your Shugo Sweetheart?
Who Is Your Shugo Sweetheart?
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Hetalia! What Country Are You?
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What Style Fits You?
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What Role Do You Play In An Anime?
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I won't deny that I want attention for my art; to be noticed, admired, appreciated.

I also won't deny that these thoughts are somewhat arrogant, but I believe that all artists "suffer" from the condition of wanting acknowledgement.

I want to start commissions - make money from what I love.

I won't deny that I'm materialistic, that I love to collect art supplies.

I won't deny that some of my dreams in pursuing art are unrealistic, but more importantly, I will not deny myself the chance to pursue those dreams.

I won't deny that I've been lazy when I could be spending my time improving my skills, avoiding the necessities such as studying from life rather than simply drawing anime - which I of course won't undermine the skill required to create a style, but knowledge of other art forms will ultimately contribute to the refinement of that style.
Perhaps I am conceited, a dreamer, naive, but whether or not my aspirations for the future change in a month or a decade is irrelevant.

I won't deny myself the present joy and fulfillment of my dreams.

I want to be an artist.


Pastel Experiment by iLAUGHatEVERYTHING
Pastel Experiment
Just playing around with some chalk pastels in a sketchbook! ((And it has an instagram filter over it to make the colors pop a bit more!))
I haven't been drawing much since school started, which is pretty bad considering I need to work on my portfolio </3 OOPS! Haha...ha..:iconotlplz:
I didn't even bother erasing the pencil outline(which you can see pretty clearly, especially with the arm) since it was just a little practice...I'VE GOTTEN RUSTY!
My OC pairing Shin x Haruko C: 
I finished this drawing a few months ago, but I still like it~ Made him too tan, though! :iconotlplz:

Materials used:
watercolors(van gogh)
uni-ball signo white gel pen
micron liners
colored pencils(prismacolor)
gold gel pen

Hope you enjoy~ Llama Emoji-60 (Snug or Hug) [V3] 
Art Trade w/ @Renstark on IG by iLAUGHatEVERYTHING
Art Trade w/ @Renstark on IG
This is an art trade I did a few months ago with a lovely artist on instagram, Renstark! She's got a great style <3

I used water colors(Van Gogh), markers for her outfit(prismacolor), and colored pencils(derwent)


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Just if you want to bros~ I'm not even sure what I want to do with points to be honest ^^" I was just like 'WHY NOT PUT ANOTHER USELESS WIDGET!?!'

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Click Me!

ummm well im in 6th grade and ive wanted to be an artist since i was 4.... i draw like everyday so theres plenty of more artwork on the way ^_^

So this is what I wrote when i was in 6th grade? LAME!!!!! Now I am in 7th grade and i'm completely mature! XD Who am I kidding??? I realized i have no interest in become an artist. Why chose one thing when there's a world of possibilities? I think I was just influenced by everyone around me saying: "You're probably going to be an artist one day right??? I bet you are!!!!" And stuff like that :P I love anime, I want to go to Japan and thats that! So yeah, I'm gonna do everything....maybe... Except all the bad stuff :P…


Hello dudes and...dudes..I am now in the 9th grade -- and where I live(in case it's a different system for you) that is the first year of high school! I normally update this little section of my deviantart in September, when school actually STARTS -- but no, I've been FAR too lazy for that! It's now November, 2 months later, and I'm forcing myself to write this..But all is well and chill! A lot, yet, nothing at all has changed since 8th grade! I've grown plenty but am still the same person -- and am still changing to hopefully become an even better person. I've only finished one quarter of this school year, and 1/16th of my high school life...but I'm alive, right? So if I can do this 15 more times, then I'll be fine...right? I'll try to become more active as possible, but I've had a very hard time drawing for a good amount of time -- about 6 months, if not more. It's a very frustrating time, along with many other things..But I will soon surmount those difficulties! I've made even more friends now that I'm in high school, and have had a lot of fun! Procrastination is still a problem, but I've come to terms with the fact that it always will be. Of course, procrastination can be controlled to some degree, but never completely terminated. I know I'm quite the high school newbie, but I have some words of advice!
1. Respect your teachers.
2. Don't think you're too cool to participate or whatever, because you're not.
3. Join clubs and make friends -- not everyone is as mean-spirited as you may or may not think!
4. It always gets better. Corny, but true. Just have faith in yourself, and if you're religious, your God -- just believe it'll get better, and work for that. Things have a funny way of fixing themselves if you do what you're supposed to do.
5. Don't be a bully. That's just not cool.
6. What other people say really don't matter. Meanies are pretty unimportant -- this is only a 4 year long period of your ENTIRE life, so, chill. Don't give them attention.
8. School matters. You mat not like it, but that doesn't change it's value in relation to your entire existence and prosperity.
7. This might sound weird, but...we're all losers. There are cool losers and just losery-losers. At leas that's how I see it. The cool losers are the ones that aren't afraid to like what they like. They know who their friends are, and they never forget who they are. Sure, they might get a little lost along the path of growing up, but everyone does. They're the ones who are nice even in their worst of times. So, look for those, and aspire to be them -- and just avoid the losery-losers, because quite frankly, they are not worth your time.
I guess that's it, then? I can't think of anything else to say...I mean, it has only been a few months. Uh...I might update, I might not - but whatevvvsss. Love you all!
Also realized I definitely would not hand out with my 7th grade self. Really just for one reason, though...7th grade emo phase *cringes* Just the thought is enough to make me wanna grow up...yikess...
Oh, and yes, my 8th grade self -- I still do love America. Maybe not to the excessive extent that you did, but...he's still got a special place. Although I can honestly say I think I've matured from that stuff a lil' bit
*crowd of people bursts out laughing*
Alright alright, I said a little bit
See you next year! :la:
(Wow, these get bigger every year...)

So uh...I'm a little late for my little update
Not exactly that anyone's listening
"I am, Ilana. I'm always listening."
God, is that you?
"Yeah let's go with that."
Well now that I have an audience of some sort, let's get this party started!
So Freshman year came in went and that was an interesting ride, but sophomore year feels 3x more advanced. Not gonna lie, things have been difficult. BUT NOTHING I CAN'T SURMOUNT! Sometimes you just gotta let the river of life take ya to a waterfall and then meditate under the waterfall and proceed to wrestle a bear under the waterfall. I just thought you should know that for a second I thought "wrestle" was spelled "ressel". AP Lang here I come. These used to flow so easily, these lil' updates...But now I'm having some "writer's" block. Maybe it's because I'm simultaneously giving my best friend advice on how to respond to her new boyfriend's text messages. Possibly. She just asked me to shoot her. Done. Now back to my life.
Welp I'll be turning 16 in a few months. I started this account when I was 12...Everyone loves 12-year-olds, amirite? Hey and you see that Kokoro Connect gif on the left? Why the fuck is there so much wind when she hugs him out of nowhere? It's like she picked up so much speed from moving 6 inches. Anime physics are great, aren't they? I'm reflecting on how I used to be a few years ago...And I guess I can say I've changed? It's hard to measure how much, but I can at least say this: I would be extremely annoyed by myself a few years ago if she poofed right in front of my face :D And next year I'll probably be saying the same exact thing. There's been a lot of stress, depression, yaddah doo, yaddah yeh, but I'm still chill. I'm still stupid. I'm still keepin' it real. I'm taking AP art so I've been drawing and painting more than ever, and it makes me think about just how much I love it. I wonder if there'd be any meaning to my life without it. What would I do if my thoughts didn't constantly relate back to my next piece? I wouldn't be who I am. I'd be nowhere close to being msilaughateverything. CLOSE looks like dose. Hah. I was researching the different weights of papers the other day...That was pretty interesting. And oh, I stretched my first canvas! Well honestly my lovely student teacher did most of the work, but eh, I learned. Speaking of student teachers; I've had two this year. The one I just mentioned(Who unfortunately finished yesterday) and another in the beginning of the year. I can honestly say I think they both influenced me a lot, especially my first one. I think she taught me how to be a little more loose and free with my artwork, and that's opened a lot of doors for me. I'm no longer afraid to use sharpie in that sketchbook because it'll bleed - I'll embrace it! Make it cool, work with it! The less afraid you are with your art, the more fearless it'll be.
Was that stupid?
But what else is new.
"Not much, what's new with you?"
"God dammit"
I should go do my homework.
See ya next year!

Well here you have it, if you're reading this, I'm in the 11th grade now...And yeah I'm a LIL' late about updating this, but I'm getting it done, right? Although it's not like anyone's reading this - and I don't mean that in a negative way. It would be weird if the entire world was waiting for me to update this littlest tiny nook and cranny of the internet. If I said that 10th grade was 3x harder than 9th grade, then 11th grade is 12x harder than 10th grade. Maybe that's a little exaggerated, but -- wait, no it's not. But I do like a lot of my classes! I have a good teachers, I think. I'm in AP Literature and Composition, and my teacher wants to use my essay as an example for other classes! I think the only way I can actually write a good paper is if I get passionate about the book, ergo I have to READ the book - which I've been doing. The latest book the class was assigned was Crime and Punishment. Apparently you'll never be the same once you finish it. Am I the same after that? Well, there's no way to measure that, and I can't say I've felt a strange impact...But it was an amazing book. One of the phenomenons of this book is the unprecedented relatability of the protagonist, Raskolnikov, who is a murderer. This is starting to sound more like just a journal entry rather than an annual status update, so I'll stop that there. As I'm typing in this Bio box, I'm able to see the above widget where people can donate, and the couple old friends that did In 2012. It's so strange, that was over 3 years ago. Why did they give me points? Why do I even have this widget here? I fully rewatched Inuyasha, including the original 167 episodes and the Final Act, which was my first anime ever. At the time, 6th grade, I had no idea what anime was. I thought that show was the only thing like that out there - I also didn't know about the Final Act, so when I finished the 167 I must have been pretty confused. I apparently didn't know the wonders of googling for another season OTL But now I've watched like 80 animes...HOLY SHIT THAT'S A LOT OF FUCKING TIME I'VE SPENT ON ANIME! Not to mention the amount of times I've rewatched a series....Call me a weeb, an otaku, but I really love anime/manga.
I know very well that this might and, perhaps most likely, will change in the future, but recently I've had my heart set on becoming a mangaka. In the past 6 months I've embarked on a lot of art trades, and some with people who have a similar goal, thus enabling me to talk to people with the same passion...which has been really cool! One of them is half Russian and half Japanese, but she's currently studying in Germany. She's a really good artist. I want to one day read her work or see her drawings in an art book *_* If anyone at all does see this, follow her on IG @fukako19 she's become a good pal of my mine over the past few months!
Just as my thoughts in 7th grade have changed, about having no intention of becoming an artist, I shouldn't assume that my strong desire to become a mangaka is ever-lasting...Although I do want it to be. It's something to work for and look forward to, and the thought gives me a lot of happiness. When I read manga or watch anime, I think: "Wow, this is what I want to do. I want to make scenes like that and be able to draw from those angles." ALTHOUGH, I really need to practice drawing backgrounds and sceneries more if I want that to happen XD. Alright, this thing is underlining "sceneries" and telling me that's it's not a word. IT'S A WORD GOD DAMMIT. I KNOW HOW TO SPELL!
Well, this year I've learned a little something more about disciplining myself to study, and that's a pretty good feeling. As much I hate spending an entire night doing homework, I also kind of like it. I feel like I'm doing something good for myself - although I would like some more time to draw...I actually had that free time today, but I chose to sleep lmfao - school makes me so tired! The desire to sleep has actually surpassed the desire to draw on many occasions, which is a little worrying...But no need to fear, for my heart will always love art! The form it takes may change throughout the years, but I'm certain that no matter where life takes me, art will be there.
Hmm...This seems like a decent place to end my yearly update. OH, btw, I'm taking the SAT this upcoming Saturday (1/23) because my bro is forcing me...Out of love of course, which I do appreciate. Sometimes I feel like he can be a better parent than my dad, even though he's only a year older than me - maybe that's just because he understands the new curriculum a lot more than my disconnected dad does -- school has changed a lot since he was there lmfao. So if my brother ever reads this, which he won't, thank you. ...Is this a will now? Maybe I should make a will, although I'm only 16, soon to be 17..To be young again! JK
alright so
this got a little more serious than I intended
how do I lighten the mood?

Current Residence: (Insert your name here)'s pants (;
deviantWEAR sizing preference: I don't know what the size charts say but whatever they say are lies they are all LIES don't give in to the man the man is evil he will crush your soul and eat it for breakfast if you give into what their size charts say beware the numbers math is for losers jk math is cool beans wait why is the man a he omg sexism the man is sexist
Print preference: Uhh......
Favourite genre of music: I don't have one favorite, I could listen to like any, but I'm obsessed with Ben Folds/Ben Folds Five whateva u wanna call it
Favourite photographer: Don't have one!
Favourite style of art: I liiikke a loott of thiingss let us not limit ourselves friends
Operating System: I. Am. A. Robot. I. Operate. On. Pure. Bad-assness.
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch(I found it after like a year of searching!!)
Shell of choice: It's been over 2 years and I still don't know what this means sorry friends.
Wallpaper of choice: I change it all the time so y'know why do you even want to know this something tells me I'm not answering this correctly
Skin of choice: I'm confident in my owns kin thank you very much
Favourite cartoon character: Pfft, I'm WAY too old to watch cartoons! But I watch anime! AAAMMMEEERRIICCAAAAA(Hetalia)!!!!!!!! And a lot of others...Lavi(D. Gray Man), Koukai(Shugo Chara), Garry, Mary, and Ib (From the game Ib, if that even counts), Shizuo(Durarara), Megumi(Say I Love You. I hate her and love her. Idk why), and othersss that I currently can't think of oops.
Personal Quote: "I really, really like rice."

My dA Family~
:iconpommamomma438:-My dinosaur nephew :)
:iconcoldartandoceansmile:-My Older Sister <3
:iconxbubblyx: My Older Sister~! ^-^
:iconvocaloid223: My husband, no seriously *pokerface*
:iconxboringasspersonx: My pet turtle with a top hat, she's classy like that.
:iconcaitlynnicolewright: My crazy talking pet dog
:iconsteelpandas: My asexual mareep
Friends on dA(SomeinRealLifeAsWell~ And sorry if I forget you; I know a lot of awesome people here and if I forget your name just hit me up in the comments and be all like 'BITCH YOU FORGOT TO ADD ME!!!'; Yeah; just like that :3)

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